The EV Charging Station of the Future

Make the greener choice…

Power up with ChargePort.

ChargePort is your ticket to an easy-to-install solution for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid charging. Using the benefits of a buffer battery, ChargePort enables faster charging, optimized power supply, and wider availability of charging locations.

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ChargePort Benefits.

Low Cost

Install on a standard grid connection (20kW) and support fast charging (up to 200kW) without the need for an expensive upgrade of your utility connection.

Fast Charging

ChargePort station allows super fast charging, adjusting automatically to each EV’s capabilities and kW acceptance criteria. It takes 30 min for standard charging.

Quick to Install

ChargePort works on a standard grid connection, so no extra work from the distribution system operator (DSO) is needed to set up the shop.

Pay what you spent

No reservation of funds is needed; type in the amount you want to spend and pay the exact amount–no more, no less.

Wide Availability

Setup at any location with standard grid connections, locations without a grid, or locations with mixed energy sources.

Cashless Payment

No need to have cash on hand. Securely pay via credit card or mobile phone through our PCI DSS-certified card reader.

Make it your own!

ChargePort can be optimized and customized according to your branding guidelines. Pick any color, logo, and setup configuration that works best for you.

Charger is a brighter future

How does it work?

Step One

Click start and choose the amount you want to spend.

Step Two

Pay the exact amount with your card or phone.

Step Three

Start charging and track your status with real-time display.

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The EV Charging Station of the Future